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Harlequin Great Dane Dog-Who Wants To Know The Mystery

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2018)

Harlequin Great Dane Dog

Harlequin Great Dane Dog is pure white in color having black torn patches, black torn patches appeared in scattered and irregular pattern but cover the whole entire body. Due to the large size of Harlequin Great Dane and unique pattern, it looks like a Holstein Cow Calf.

Harlequin Great Dane Dog

Harlequin Great Dane

AKC Standard for Harlequin Great Dane Dog

The color is pure white with black torn patches with irregular pattern distributed over the entire body. The black patches are not so large to give the appearance of the blanket, nor so little as to give a stippled or dappled impact. Qualified, yet less desirable, are a couple of grey patches, or a white base with single black hairs appearing on the other side, which tend to give a salt and pepper or dirty effect.

Any difference in shading or markings as described above should be blamed to the degree of the deviation. Any Great Dane, which does not meet the above color classifications, must be disqualified.


Producing Harlequin Puppies

Simply breeding two Harlequins is not a guarantee of beautifully marked puppies. Many Harlequin Great Dane Dog convey qualities of different colors in their lineage, for example, black, blue, Merle and more. Merle pups, mismarked blacks, and white are always possibilities when breeding holes. It takes a long time of reproducing knowledge, many litters and mismarks before an effective harlequin reproducer finds the exact breeding combination.

Great Dane Harlequin Dog Puppies

Great Dane Harlequin Dog Puppies

Temperament of the Dog

A well-bred Harlequin Great Dane Dog is one of the best-natured dogs. He’s a delicate, sweet, loving pet who loves to play and is friendly with kids.

The Harlequin Great Dane Dog needs to be there where the family is. He enjoys the people a lot, including outsiders and kids, and will welcome guests joyfully, unless he thinks you require guarding. At that point, he can be wildly defensive.

A few Danes wish they were (or really trust they are) lapdogs, and they’ll keep trying to get there even if you and your lap mysteriously keep moving.

Great Danes certainly needs early socialization — introduction to many different peoples, sights, sounds, and encounters when they’re youthful. Socialization guarantees that your Great Dane puppy grows up to be a balanced pooch.

Enlisting him in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. Welcoming guests over regularly, and taking him to buys parks, stores that allow dogs, and on relaxed walks around meet neighbors will also help him polish his social skills.


Care of this breed

Due to his giant size, a Great Dane is sufficient enough to be a decent house-dog, however, he’s not well suited to a tiny apartment because he’ll knock into everything.

He can get cold in the winter, so he shouldn’t be left outside in cold atmospheres — yet then no dog should. He would be loved, to have a sweater or downy coat to keep him toasty warm when you go for a stroll in a winter atmosphere.

He’s relatively quiet indoors, however, he needs a long walk at least once a day. A grown-up Harlequin Great Dane Dog needs 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, depending on his age and activity level.. Puppies and young people need about 90 minutes of exercise a day. Watch this awesome video of Harlequin Great Dane in the park.

Characteristics of Harlequin

  • The baby of Harlequin nose color may be pink.
  • When the dog matures the color may be darkened to black.
  • One Eye may be the blue and the other may be brown or dark.
  • Mostly Harlequins have merle color.
  • Great Danes are not suited to apartments or small houses, simply because they’re so big.

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