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Doberman Vs German Shepherd : Learn The Difference

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2018)

Doberman Vs German Shepherd

We are going to compare Doberman Vs German Shepherd. These two breeds are the most famous and popular breeds.

Doberman Dog developed in Germany in the 19th century. Doberman Dog is a mixture of different breeds, Rottweiler, Black Tan and German Pinscher are included. In Physique Doberman is tall and slim. Doberman Dog is brilliant and active mostly used by the police and military for the security purposes. A very confident breed with the attractive appearance and he is the best family guard dog. Dobermans are steadfast and loyal companions, true friends to the people they love. They are bold and didn’t fear at the time of danger and they are excellent guard dogs, but contrary to popular opinion, they are not attack dogs.


German Shepherd Dog is one of the most famous and popular breeds in the world. White and Black German Shepherd are its breeds. Black German Shepherd Dog Breed is very rare breed dog. He is the most intelligent and unmatched dog. Mostly peoples love to keep this breed for the home security and this breed also used by the military and the police for their services. German Shepherd is also known as the name of Alsatian, especially in England. German Shepherd is the best protector and the companion. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to find an ideal German Shepherd today. Nowadays, this breed is all over the map in temperament.


German Shepherd Vs Doberman

German Shepherd Vs Doberman

Height and Weight

Doberman Males stand 26 to 28 inches tall; females stand 24 to 26 inches tall. Men and females weigh 60 to 80 pounds.

German Shepherd Males stand 24 to 26 inches; females stand 22 to 24 inches. Weight ranges from 75 to 95 pounds.


Temperament Difference

Doberman Dog never hesitate at the time of danger, if he feels that his family is under threat. His behavior would be too much aggressive. But he never is aggressive without any reason. Temperament of any breed depending upon the training of the dog as well. It also matters that how you have trained your puppy.

So it’s better to adopt the puppy rather than the adult. So that you can train the dog according to your desire. If you are willing to give time to your dog then Doberman is the best choice for you. Doberman needs daily exercise and needs refreshment. Fawn Doberman dog is the related breed to the Doberman Dog.


German Shepherd Dog is usually not too much aggressive, But he can be aggressive at the time of need. He doesn’t make friends immediately, but once he does, then he is very loyal to them and can do anything for their safety. German Shepherd has some related breeds as well as White German Shepherd, Black German Shepherd, Golden and Sable German Shepherd.

Each breed has different temperaments. German Shepherd is an excellent companion for children as well. The behavior of the German Shepherd could also be reasonable if someone trained him correctly from the childhood. So it’s better to teach him from the youth rather than the adult.

Temperament of Doberman Vs German Shepherd is almost the same. Both can be aggressive at the time of need and both are the best guard dogs.

Doberman Vs German Shepherd

Doberman Vs German Shepherd

Litter size of Doberman Vs German Shepherd

Litter Size of Doberman Dog is 8 to 10 Puppies.

Litter Size of German Shepherd Dog is also 8 to 10 Puppies.


Health Comparison

Dobermans are healthy, but like other breeds, they have some health problems also. So you have to be very careful while purchasing a puppy. Your puppy should be healthy and active. The issues mostly Doberman is facing are  Von Willebrand’s Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Hypothyroidism, Wobbler’s Syndrome, Cardiomyopathy, Albinoism.


German Shepherd is health breed. But he has some health problems as well as Dilatation-Volvulus, Elbow Dysplasia, Gastric, Degenerative Myelopathy, stomach disorders and skin diseases, autoimmune diseases, heart disease. Because of these health problems German Shepherd needs a proper checkup. And one should also be very careful while buying the puppy. Puppy should be free from all kind of health disease.

As we compared the health of Doberman Pinscher Vs German Shepherd both have some health problems as well. So proper measures are necessary for the better health.


German Shepherd Vs Doberman Who Would Win

Here I have a video for you. You can watch this video. You will see the aggression of Doberman Vs German Shepherd in this video.


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