Akita Inu Dog : You Don’t Know Everything About them

Akita Inu Dog

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2017)

American Akita Inu Dog

There are two sorts of Akita Inu Dog the first Japanese Akita Inu breed and now another designation for American standard Akita Inu. Shiba Inu Dog is also very similar to this breed. The weights and dimensions are distinct along with also the American norm allow for a dark mask, whereas the original Japanese breed standard doesn’t permit a black mask.

Dog Akita Inu

Dog Akita Inu

More About Akita Inu Dog

Powerful and muscular with a level, deep head and powerful, short muzzle, the Akita Inu Dog has a deep, broad chest and a flat back. The puppy is a bit more than he’s tall. The head is triangular shaped, blunt and full. The stop that is the transition space from the back skull into the muzzle is well-defined. The ears are small and vertical, carried forward and consistent with the throat. The nose is broad and black. Brown is allowed on snowy Akitas, but black is favored. The teeth are strong and should fit in scissors or level bite (the majority of breeders supports scissors). The tail is lavish and transported over the puppy’s back. The webbed toes are cat-like. The Akita is double covered. The outer coat is harsh and watertight. The undercoat is soft and thick, providing excellent insulating material for your dog in chilly weather. Coat colours are pure white, reddish, sesame, brindle and fawn. The colours should be with no clear borders. A black mask is prohibited.


Size and Weight

American Akitas are generally an inch taller for both females and males. Akita Inu Dog includes 70 to 120 lbs., together with the healthy weight at 85 pounds. For women and 100 pounds. For men. American Akitas add weight from 70 to 130 lbs., with typical weight at 90 Pounds. For females and 115 pounds. For men.

Akita Dog Inu

Akita Dog Inu

Estimated Life

11 to 15 years.


The American Akita comes in can patterns and colors. Its breed standard doesn’t designate any particular markers or patterns. On occasion, the undercoat is a different color from the outer coating. Akita Inu Dog, nevertheless, come just in brindle, red and white. Irrespective of color, Akita Inu Dog should have mild cream or white undersides, beginning underneath the brow all the way to the bottom of their tail. The inner thighs, sides of the muzzle and lips also has to be light white or cream.



It typically prefers to be given a task to perform. The Behavior of the American Akita is not good with other pets. It will, however, get along with other dogs of the other sex. Same sex dogs occasionally will have difficulties. Much like the Akita Inu Dog, the Akita is loyal and protective, but less suspicious of strangers, particularly if they’re correctly encouraged to the family. As a general safety precaution, the two strains must always be supervised around children and other pets.

Dog Inu Akita

Dog Inu Akita

Health Issue

Prone to hip dysplasia, both hypothyroid and autoimmune thyroiditis, resistant disorders like VKH and Pemphigus, skin issues like SA and eyes (PRA, Micro, entropion) patella and also other difficulties with the knee.


Akita Temperament

The Akita Inu Dog is usually regarded as territorial about its own property and may be reserved with strangers. It is occasionally described as a feline in its own activities; it isn’t abnormal for an Akita to wash its face after ingestion, to preen its own kennel partner, also to be fastidious at home.
As it’s a large, active dog, the Akita isn’t thought to be a strain for a first-time dog owner. The strain was targeted by some nations’ breed-specific laws as a dangerous dog. A dog with the appropriate Akita temperament ought to be accepting of non-threatening strangers, yet protective of the family when confronted with a threatening position. As a breed they need to be used with kids; it’s said that the strain has an affinity for children Not all Akitas will inevitably have the same temperament. Akita is a talkative dog as well. You can see in the video as well.


1- Akita Inu Dog is large powerful and wolf like appearance.
2- It comes in many colours and patterns.
3- Due to its size. It doesn’t need much exercise.
4- It is silent in nature.
5- It’s very aggressive towards other people.
5- Aggressive towards other animals.